Words about me

Hey, I'm Rasmus Nielsen - A young designer based Copenhagen living at Nørrebro.. Over the past 5 years i've been working with Interaction Design, User Experience Design, Interface Design, Branding and Identity.

You can always recognize me by my hat which I am always wearing.

My speciality is definitely apps. I've been doing over 20 natives apps over the past 5 years. I love the platform and just sees it as a big playground of unexplored opportunities.

I'm a big believer of "learning by doing" and i'm not afraid to take on stuff i've never even tried before. Many of my skills and abilities are self-taught and it feels good. Despite that bold claim I've received formal education at Business Academy Aarhus graduating in 2009 as a "Multimedia designer".

This sites purpose is mostly to show what I can do visually with a computer.. Time to time i'll release some goodies in form of icons, web and/or ui psd-kits.

I am a big fan of wild ideas, and you should be most welcome to contact me if you have one.

Companies i've been working with

Soulland Mofibo Distortion
Aarstiderne Telia CopCap
DTU 3 Teknologisk Institut
Sonova ShowMyDay World Expo 2012
Clever GreenGo Ge.tt

Updates from me

You can follow me on twitter if you want to know what's new. I will be posting small updates about tech, design and more.

If you wanna know what I am working on at the moment dribbble is the place to go.

Stuff I enjoy

The Verge - Tech news wrapped in beautiful design

SHAPE - THE best apphouse.

Soulland - Best Clothing brand

The Fancy - Fancy stuff I fancy


I'm doing Interaction Design, User Experience Design, Interface Design, Branding and Identity.

2011 — Danish App Awards 2011
Arrangement, Visual Effects.

2010 — Santa Clara, CA
Graphic Arts, Adobe After Effects

2010 — SHAPE
Designer, User-Interface, User-Experience.

2009 — Business Academy Aarhus
Majors in Design and Economy.

2007 — RasmusNielsen.dk