Screensaver for OSX

Watch OS X 2.0

... is now super crisp. The screensaver has been reworked to stand sharp on retina diplays.

Tons of faces and colors

With 80 different variations of watchfaces there is ton a possiblities for individualty.

wanna contribute?

If you wanna be a beta tester of the screensaver please contact me on twitter.

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Compatible with OS X 10.10

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Bringing the best part of your new shiny watch to OSX. We've created this OSX screensaver just for funs sake.

Apple Watch Screensaver features 5 watchface variations. Chronograph, X-LARGE, Simple, Normal & Utility.

With 80 different variations of watchfaces there is ton a possiblities for individualty and fun and simply no room to be boring.


2.0Major update this time.
- Retina ready! (prayers have been heard)
- Watchface variations: Chronograph, X-LARGE, Simple, Utility.
- Colors: 17 new colors.
- Update notification.

1.2 Easy installment via .saver - Just double-click!

1.1 Using billboards instead of Sprites, added fade in to prevent white blinking.

1.0 A simple proof of concept. Working clock. Not pretty and lots of bugs.

I can’t install the screensaver.

It’s because the file isn’t signed. Please follow these instruction for info. https://support.apple.com/kb/PH14369

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Apple. All assets are owned and created by Apple, I just re-created by me.

Mads Lee Jensen who reworked the entire screensaver, making variations, colors and update message possible.

Mikkel Selsøe Sørensen who made the .saver possible with his technical expertise.

Bring a bit of Apple Watch beauty to OS X.


Don’t miss this nifty Apple Watch screen saver for OS X.


This screensaver is a welcome addition to your Mac.