Hyper-local showtimes - On time, on the spot.

The primary goal of Snapseat is to display relevant information about movies playing locally to you. Frankly, this is not a new take on Fandango – it's a direct competitor. The point is to get you times, locations, and movie data as quickly and effortlessly as possible.

By scrolling through a list of currently playing movies, you'll be able to tap on the title and read more details. All the important stuff is here: runtime, director, genre, rating, and even a (seemingly spoiler-free!) synopsis.

You could try and call the workshop, but how do you explain what icon is lit and how the car is behaving. It is a complex task that takes time in an uncomfortable situation!

While much of our lives have become more and more convenient through the use of computers and smartphone technology, one very common commodity has yet to experience this transformation and thus fully enter the digital and connected world - the car.